Holistic Development Journey for 4-year-old kids to 17-year-old teens

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Beyond Academics

Learning for Life Skills, Languages, General Knowledge, Creativity, Logical Thinking, Future Technology, IQ & EQ improvisation, Recreation & Rejuvenation and much more.

Horizontal Exploration

Journey to explore all kind of Music, Art, Dance, Sports & beyond (MADS+) to find their interests, skills and Plus factors.

Horizontal Exploration

Journey to explore all kind of Music, Art, Dance, Sports & beyond (MADS+) to find their interests, skills and Plus factors.

Daily Wholesome Activities

Combination of 100s of Physical, Skill & Knowledge learning & fun activities from the comfort of home.

Beyond Academics, Horizontal Exploration and Daily Wholesome Activities for Businesses, for employees/customers...

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does YoGo cost?

    Free Trial is actually FREE for 15 days. For continuing Holistic Development journey, you can opt for an introduction plan of 3 months for just Rs. 199 or 12 months plan for just Rs. 599.

  2. Does it require any prior experience or training?

    Not at all! The idea of YoGo is to allow kids to explore, experience, and touch & feel all aspects of Music, Art, Dance, Sports & beyond (MADS+).

  3. Does YoGo make a kid an expert in all activities?

    There is practically no human being on earth with expertise in every learning area that YoGo offers! The idea is to allow kids to decide their interest, skills and plus factor rather than parents or friends enforcing those on them. And let it always be Horizontal Exploration in a fun way without any pressure of performance.

  4. What about screen time?

    We have extensively worked on this aspect. Unlike video watching or online education, most of YoGo content is designed for real activities as a guide, rather than something to watch continuously. It is just like when you use a Map Application while driving, you don’t keep looking at it, rather you drive and follow the directions / instructions. Also, YoGo is smart enough to notice if the kid is getting addictive to it with more than generally acceptable screen time and YoGo will start locking itself.

  5. What happens if kid doesn’t want to do particular activity or do an activity on a given day?

    It is absolutely fine. The purpose of the technology is to enable the kid to decide and explore under your supervision, without any force. During the journey, the idea is to identify kid’s liking, disliking, special skills etc. to help them find themselves. Which is why we encourage, “Yo..Go… Find U!”

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